The gender equality index in the workplace: figures and commitments at Maison Gabriel Meffre

How is the wage index calculated at Maison Gabriel Meffre?

We had a discussion on this topic with Laurent Thibault, our Chief Financial and HR Officer, who joined Maison Gabriel Meffre just over a year ago.

The wage index is calculated on the basis of 100 points in relation to the following four indicators :

  • The gender pay gap:

A gender assessment is carried out for each socio-professional category and age group. The only category where we found a gap between the average remuneration was among 40 to 49-year-old executives. Here, our score was 31/40.

  • Gap in the distribution ofindividual payrises:

in 2019, 38 women received a pay rise beyond the general rise, compared with 27 men. We achieved the maximum score of 35/35.

  • The number of employees receiving a pay rise following a return from maternity leave:

It was not possible to assess this criterion in 2019, as we had no women returning from maternity leave during the year.

  • Equality among the ten highest paid employees:

There are eight men and two women in the top ten highest paid employees at Maison Gabriel Meffre. We obtained a score of 5/10 for this criterion.

We were therefore assessed on three criteria, with a total score of 71/85, which is equivalent to 84/100 for 2019. This result is satisfactory in view of the minimum target, which is set at 75/100.

What is your opinion of this index?

The introduction of this index has started a conversation in companies, which is a good thing. It encourages us to ask questions about gender equality in the workplace and ensure there is no discrimination. It enables us to compare ourselves with other companies, while promoting virtuous practices and social dialogue.

Have you observed changes at Maison Gabriel Meffre in relation to this index?

As soon as I arrived, I was struck by the level of equality at Maison Gabriel Meffre. Our business is agricultural, industrial and office-based all at once. Despite this diversity, gender equality is close to 50/50, for all types of jobs. This is very positive!

By calculating this index, we have been able to formally establish practices, and highlight work carried out to respect equality in the workplace. We have not observed any major gaps or shortcomings.

“Globally, whether in terms of recruitment or promotion, it is not a question of gender but competence!”

What are your ambitions for next year?

“To perform at least as well as the previous year!”

I would of course like us to continue in the same vein, for all functions within the company, from production to support services. We would also like to communicate more on this topic, to further raise awareness within the teams!

For many years, gender equality in the workplace has been an important topic for the teams at Maison Gabriel Meffre. It is also a key part of our CSR approach.

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