Wine labels, more than a piece of paper…

A thirst for tradition

Our craft is steeped in traditional know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is precisely for this reason that we want our labels to reflect this identity, inextricably linked to the terroir and the winemaker’s hands.

A coat of arms and distinctive typeface for our ‘signature’ Gabriel Meffre range the medieval style with colourful imagery of our Laurus parcel selection wines the sophisticated and elegant look of our Château Grand Escalion… we appreciate the importance of viticultural art through the ages. In a world obsessed by speed and change, it’s good to connect with our heritage and our roots. In France, wine is part of our culture and we are deeply attached to these important touchstones.

However, this doesn’t stop us from adding a modern touch to a label every now and then. This is a very good option when we want to surprise our faithful consumers and rouse the curiosity of new ones! One example of this is the label of our Domaine de Longue Toque wines which, while remaining as elegant and classic , is set to reveal a fresh new look…

Bold is beautiful

Of course, the other more fantastical end of the spectrum is equally interesting! Just as our customers have myriad profiles, so do our labels range from classic to contemporary.
Besides our premium cuvées, we propose other wine ranges where differentiation and visual innovation are very important.
Gabriel wines, for example, refer to the first name of the man who founded our winery over 80 years ago. He inspired us a label that evokes the 30’s and their colourful advertising posters . especially on export markets.
The 1936 anniversary cuvée is also an homage to Gabriel Meffre A nod to this amazingly fertile period, known as the “golden years” .. A visual delight that conveys both our historic roots and our innovative approach.
These labels are highly appreciated by consumers with a passion for new discoveries.

Respecting the planet
As our environmental conscience guides us each step of the way through the entire production chain, . we rolled out an eco-responsible initiative concerning our labels to reduce our ecological impact.

We have given a lot of consideration to the techniques used:

  • hot stamped gold or silver foil and a palette of different colours,
  • a range of papers,
  • labels produced by local environmentally-friendly printers awarded Imprim’Vert certification.

And while, thus far, we have not been using plant-based inks, it’s only because they are poorly resistant on bottles subject to harsh conditions (ice buckets, countries with high humidity and similar extremes). However, we will continue to monitor this with our printers and we look forward to the day when this technique is ready for our wine labels.

At Gabriel Meffre, our aim is to produce quality wines that come in a variety of styles to satisfy the various sensibilities of consumers. Labels are the very first reflection of the character of our wines and we will always be on hand to tell you more!

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