Three new cuvées

Of the twelve appellations that constitute the successful Gabriel Meffre range launched in 2011, our three flagship appellations have now extended into a premium range: Gigondas Domus, Côtes-du-Rhône Terra and Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Plan-de-Dieu Manus. “The winemaking team has worked on these wines with very precise blends and levels of maturing to bring increased complexity to these exceptional cuvées,” says marketing manager Audrey Striglio, “and we have given them new packaging featuring symbols that reflect our values.” L’accent français* Aline Desport and Sébastien Masson, Artistic Directors What kind of work went into creating the premium packaging for the Gabriel Meffre range? Gabriel Meffre approached us to create their new range of premium wines, mostly destined for the export market. Drawing on their DNA, we conveyed their key values by working on names for the range and adding the date “1936” to create a strong brand identity and assert the brand’s position on the premium market. How did you work with the heraldry expert to convey the Gabriel Meffre values? The symbolic representation of its crest was completely redesigned and positioned in the centre of the label, giving it a strong, premium and corporate identity. An in-depth study of the crest was needed, in collaboration with the heraldry expert, to determine which areas needed to be highlighted. Gabriel Meffre’s regional history, expertise and commitment to sustainability were the key aspects to consider when designing the new crest.

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Discovering the art of pairing wine and chocolate

A morsel of white chocolate, Black Forest gâteau, pieces of stem ginger wrapped in chocolate, or Mexican chicken in chocolate sauce—all very appetising, but which wine would you serve with each one? Food and wine pairings factor in a combination of elements, such as the terroir, our powers of concentration, the circumstances of the tasting session, our sense memory and more. We guide you through some of the basic principles of this fascinating world!