Which wines to choose when temperatures soar?

As temperatures rise during the summer, it is best to avoid wines classed as Crus”, such as Vacqueyras, Gigondas and Châteauneuf du Pape, as their service temperature would not be suitable

Anthony Taylor, Public Relations Director:

?The rise in temperature is exponential for alcohol evaporation, which can make certain wines quite aggressive. A Gigondas with strong tannins needs to be served neither too cool, nor too hot to avoid the alcohol taking over.?

Fruity red wines, on the other hand, lend themselves very well to being served cool and generously. Here are a few examples.

Gabriel, Merlot 2018: a classic summer red

?The fruitier a wine is, the better suited it is to being served cool. Merlot is a fruity variety, which we vinify with a short maceration period. It is a classic summer red. Don’t hesitate to put it in the refrigerator for a short time before drinking, to serve it at between 14 and 15°C,? adds Anthony.

This wine’s refreshing nose makes its aromatic profile very appreciable in sunny weather. It offers aromas of red fruits and spices, which can also be found in the mouth. It remains round and smooth too, making it a certain crowd-pleaser!

Côtes du Rhône, Saint Vincent 2017: round and moreish

Made with Grenache (70%) and Syrah (30%) this wine is a classic of the appellation. The grape varieties are vinified separately, in order to extract the best of their specificities, and then blended.

Anthony offers the following description: ?Totally moreish, with a round and juicy side. This is one of those wines that always has people asking for a second glass!?

With its notes of plum and cherry, it is ideal for drinking at between 15 and 17°C. ?Perfect as an aperitif, it also goes very well with food with a low level of acidity. Fresh mixed salads with sweet flavours, a beef tartare or a lemon-grilled chicken on the barbecue.?

Ventoux Rouge, Saint Pétrarque 2017: supple and soft

Grown at a high altitude, vines of the Ventoux appellation enjoy a cool climate thanks to air coming down from the ‘Géant de Provence’.

Ideally served at between 16 and 18°C, we recommend not keeping it for more than four years. This brings out the freshness of the fruit with excellent roundness, as well as an attractive spiciness on the finish.

?It offers very supple and soft tannins, making it a fairly invigorating wine. It can be served cool as an aperitif with charcuterie, or at the table with a fresh goat’s cheese or carpaccio. The saltiness of a tapenade also goes very well with this wine!?

Côtes du Rhône, Saint François Organic, 2017: powerful and invigorating

Described as invigorating and powerful, this wine is rich and juicy. Its very expressive nose, with spicy aromas, makes it a very energetic wine. It is not a wine for laying down. When drunk within three years of bottling, it will express beautiful raspberry and cherry notes.

The 2017 vintage experienced an exceptional heat wave during harvesting, which rapidly raised sugar levels. This has given it a very pleasing round and juicy character. ?This cuvée is suitable for all those who like their wines with a lot of flavour. It has the power needed to go perfectly with a nice rib of beef. It is a very accessible vintage.?

As you will have gathered, the secret to appreciating a red wine in summer is its service temperature and the food it accompanies. Our articles ?Which wines go well with shellfish?? and ?Which wines to choose for the summer?? provide other ideas for pairings to enjoy when the weather is hot.

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