Despite the need to manage the pandemic during 2021, preventing MSDs remained one of the four priorities set out by the French health, safety and working conditions committee. In partnership with CARSAT (regional pension and occupational health fund), an ergonomic study of our bottling lines was carried out in 2019 by a leading ergonomics expert from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur MSD network: this involved ten employees whose jobs entailed packing cases, carrying loads, etc. Fifteen priority action points were identified for 2020-2021:

a training course on movements and postures by the ergonomics specialist;
five organisational action points (rotation through various different workstations, etc.);
nine technical action points (system to guide the bottles along the line, anti-fatigue matsat the casing station, etc.).

“In autumn 2021, we also deployed five exoskeletons* in the production department (casing and boxing/unboxing) as well as in the logistics department,” states Araceli Roldan, quality assistant and member of the Social & Economic Committee and Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee. “Feedback from users is very positive, with a reduction in fatigue and back pain.” This high-tech lumbar support uses a system of pistons to reduce load on the spine by 40%!

Next step is to implement a new working group looking at ways of preventing risks related to physical activity. This should be completed in 2022. A four-day training course on preventing MSDs is planned for autumn 2022.
Another ergonomic study was conducted between 2018 and 2019 to improve working in front of computer screens (involving 46 employees). We have invested 12,000 euros in more ergonomic equipment (screen stands, mice, footrests, etc.).

We are currently improving the lighting in the offices.
*Equipment provided by Japet (
Workplace accidents: a year of progress
2021 saw a return to a better situation than 2018, with a significant decrease in the number of days lost to workplace accidents, and a lower severity rate.

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