Domaine de Longue Toque’s first officially organic vintage

Following several years of hard work, we are proud to share this great achievement: 2020 will be Domaine de Longue Toque’s first officially organic vintage!

Read all about the history of this pioneering certification in the Rhône Valley, in a previous article published in January 2020.

A recognition of continuity

According to Nicolas Spéranza, Vineyard Manager:

The 2020 vintage is not really that different from the previous ones. It is a continuation of the work carried out for several years now. Over the past two decades, we have applied responsible agricultural practices and gradually made the transition to a fully organic approach. Following a three-year transition period, being able to display the organic certification is an added value, a recognition of all the actions and work carried out.”

Nicolas adds with a smile:

My first organic vintage was in fact 2017!

The 2020 vintage in Domaine de Longue Toque’s vineyards

In 2020, we had a very wet spring, which meant we had to act fast in the vineyards. By comparison, 2019 was a very Mediterranean vintage – hot and dry – requiring very little intervention.

In organic farming, we use copper and sulphur as a fungicide. The aim is to use them only when necessary, according to weather conditions.

Nicolas explains:

“The summer of 2020 was hot, but reasonably so. Thanks to the water reserves built up over the spring, we got generous grapes, full of colour. We have enjoyed excellent weather conditions in Gigondas.”

New plots on the path to organic

In October 2019, we acquired a seven-hectare plot in the Cairanne AOP to add to Domaine de Longue Toque’s vineyards. We immediately began the transition to organic methods. With the first year of transition coming to an end, Nicolas tells us that:

“This year was an opportunity for us to familiarise ourselves with the area. We got to know it and are learning to understand the environment.”

Nicolas saw that the water reserves were sufficient and vine growth has been good. The plot is also well exposed to the wind, which will help us keep treatments to a minimum.

Nicolas adds:

“We got rid of some of the older vines, which were difficult to work with. We will wait for another two years, while a farmer grows crops there. The soil and biodiversity will be all the richer for it!”

A total of 43 hectares of vines are managed using organic methods in Domaine de Longue Toque. This is a major challenge that is met thanks to the team’s commitment!

To find out more about work on the vineyards through the seasons, read our article: The life of the vine through the seasons.

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